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Fast !

Posted by on July 2, 2020 at 7:50 PM

We ordered Shirley Temples and Summer Smoothies. Fun, but alcohol free. I just wanted sugar and delight. Our appies arrive and we eat on the patio in sunshine. Shortly after (3:30) Ben texts... it's done. I'm getting transported in 20 minutes. I really want a coco-cola slush. 

What?! Really!? We demand our cheque and our server is amazing. We pay, leave half of our things on the table and rush out the 'This is NOT and EXIT' gate. We don't have time to care. 

Is Ben serious about the slush? Lisa asks. I don't know, but it's our mission now. She drives and I goolge 7-11, Mac, slush, convenience stores. We see a CircleK on the map 1 block from the hospital and we step on it. She slams to a stop in the parking lot and I run in. It's 3:12... eighteen mintues to go.

I fill a small slush and yell at the shop owner: SEE THIS $5 FIVE DOLLAR BILL??? It's for THIS ONE SMALL SLUSH!!! I HAVE TO GO!!!! I drop it on the counter and run. Lisa's turned the car around and I hop in. 

We arrive at 3:17 and I hope the transport is not early. My phone has died so I rush in. Daaaa..mmmm...itttt... Screeners block me. I can't explain fast enough WHO I am. This is my third time in TODAY. I try to rush the questions with my pre-emptive answers. No to COVID, No, to temperature, No to travel.... but the screener is not impressed. WHERE is your visitor bracelet then? She eyes the slurpee that I am trying to non-chalantly tuck under my purse/armpit. You need a visitor bracelet. She steps back to make 'the call' and I rush past... I'm sorry but I really have been here before... I have no time... 

It feels awful to break the rules, but I am singular in my goal: See Ben. 

I make it to his floor, uninterrupted and present the slush. He's delighted and takes it without any fanfare. In that same moment, the nurse gives him 4mg of hydromorh and the transport team arrives.

We pull the curtains back for full privacy and Ben gets dressed. No, he doesn't want my help.  

The transport team has a gurney but Ben wants nothing to do with that either. He wants to walk to the van. 

Slurping and walking on his own, he leaves me. He's strong and able. He feels better already.  

Is this it? He's done? We just go? I'm in a tizzy with all the commotion of Ben leaving but I get it together and tell him I will see him back in Salmon Arm. They leave left and I must go right.

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