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I'll Just Tell You

Posted by on July 13, 2020 at 11:45 PM

It has come to my attention that I make suggestions all day long and it's becoming exhausting for Ben.

At first, I protest. Give me an example, I say with snark, and as soon as he starts, I'm ready for him to stop: 

Do you want a sandwich? 

What about turkey? 

Watermelon or strawberries? 

Shall I put your compression socks on? 

Is this light too bright? 

Should I bring the meds to you? 

Or are you coming to the kitchen? 

How is your middle today? 

Are your legs any better? 

Will you shower today?

Do you think we should get a shower bar? 

Do you want to take a small walk? 

What about some salad now? 

Okay! I get it. I'm annoyed. I just want to be helpful.  

I'll just tell you when I want something, he says. 

I bite my lip then say, I worry that you won't. But I will try. 

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