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Chocolate Cake, Visitors & Puffy Ankles

Posted by on July 10, 2020 at 6:30 PM

Ben's feeling great today and he bakes me us (...whatever, it's for me....) a triple layer chocolate cake. It's full of eggs, butter and looks amazing. Dolce ...something... his brothers recipe. Mmmm. 

Mid-bake, we are delighted by a surprise visit. It's Shelley and David! They called but we didnt' answer and I'm so glad they took a chance. They stopped by and their timing is perfect for a quick back-deck visit. And even more perfect (for me, haha).. Ben is short on milk. I just went to the grocery store for cake ingredients this morning and am in no mood to go again. It's the perfect task for David. He's gone and back in a jiffy and I get Shelley all to myself. Their visit is short and perfect. Ben stays focused on his cake while the three of us visit outside... he is single-minded in baking. 

The Wyatts leave and Ben does most of the kitchen clean up but leaves the floors for me. I notice his ankles- very swollen again. Of course I can do the floors. I think I should put your compressoin socks on you. He agrees and lies down.

The puffiness of his ankles seems huge again. How quickly they balloon up! Last night, it felt evened out, drained, better...normal. And now, after only an hour of baking on his feet, he has paid the price again.

There's a gentle bruising where his toes meet his feet- a line of burst vessels. The home nurse was here only yesterday and commented how much better they looked. Today is a new day and it feels like two steps back.

I help lift his swollen trunks up onto the bed, slide the stockings on and wrap his feet in our plush grey blanket. How are they cold in this heat? 

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