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Posted by on July 5, 2020 at 3:05 AM

As we leave the ER, I am hovering. I know it. Slow down, I say. We aren't in a rush. I know he just wants to get home but I feel he is going too fast.

There is a slight incline in the sidewalk and before I know what is happening, Ben is down...on the sidewalk. He stumbled on his shoes, he says.

But what I saw was a faceplant into hard concrete. He didn't even use his arms to stop his fall. And I... I couldn't catch him.

I can't believe we're here. Quickly, I sit with him on the pavement, fighting tears. His chin is cut and he's moving to get up. Stop. Please stop. Just take a moment. Are you okay? Just sit here with me. We're okay. We are going back in.

No, he says, I am fine.   

Your chin is bleeding. You've fallen twice tonight and I am not fine. I just need us to go back in. 

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