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Cat W.A.L.K.

Posted by on July 4, 2020 at 9:50 PM

I offer a walk and Ben says yes. He's annoyed at feeling weak, he isn't happy about it. I remind him it takes time to build up strength. We walk to the end of the block and back around 2pm. I slow my pace to match his. I don't want to rush him. It's a gentle pace and I find it hard to resist speeding up. 

We repeat this slow walk around 6pm and on our way home, we see Mrs. Mia in the street. "That's our cat!" and I cry out, 'Kitty,kitty,kitty. Mia-mee! Hi, bup-bup!'. Don't call the cat, he says, but in that same moment, she trots over to us. I'm delighted. She joins us on our return home.

Ben feels like an extended walk so we pass our house and continue. So does Mia. I am so excited about this, but I try to remain cool. My eyes are bursting out of my head and I give Ben a sideways look. He softly shakes his head (it's almost like an rolling his eyes, but Ben is too kind for that).

He can see that I am about to explode with joy, he knows my crazy love for everything Mia. We exchange a knowing look (the one that says LOOK, OUR CAT! and "Settle Down" at the same time.)  I watch Mia's antics with as she prowls along the sidewalk with glee. 

We turn the corner and walk another block. Mia trots in front of us. She leaves the sidewalk to sniff out a flower bed or chase a bug, but she continues by our sides. Oh, my heart! We return home, and she does too. Every stride, she is with us. Our little kitty-cat. 

I hope this means we can take family walks like this forever! A cat on a walk. I love it. 

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