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Jaxon with an X

Posted by on July 2, 2020 at 1:00 AM

Dear Jaxon with an 'x' 

You were our server tonight. My sister and I. We were weary travellers. We ate late and you served us. I felt bad that I wasn't dressed up, I wished I had the time and energy to look nicer in the beautiful hotel... but today I have cried so much that mascara doesn't stand a chance in any case.

Your smile lit up my's a great smile. You were delightful, energetic, on point with kind conversation. Your energy and personality were so easy going and natural. You were a light in my life this night and I wish I could have told you how much it meant to me. You have no idea the weight that is on my shoulders right now but you took care of my sister and I at dinner.

We talked about how great your name is- one of my favourites- Jackson- I have a cousin and a nephew with that name, but neither have that 'cool 'x''. You were sincere and pleasant and we joked about how you requested the 'x' on the day you were born... popped out and say, 'If you're cool, you're cool. Make that Jaxon with an 'x' please.' Like babies can talk. Like you had any say in your name. But you kabutzed with me and my sister about the whole name thing. It was goofy and it was perfect. 

You made jokes about my 'doing dishes' when I couldn't find my bank card and quickly added that you would 'help me with that'....and I honestly think that is the kind of young man that you are. 

You brought us Canada Day cupcakes from your staff room because the kitchen had closed by the time I was interested in dessert! They were mini red-velvet with tiny Canada Day flags. This act of kindness was too much. You were so kind and such a breath of fresh air in the midst of my chaos. 

I bet you think you were only serving a couple of late night guests, diners who let the day get away on them. We were one of the last parties there on a Wednesday-mid-week night. But to me, you made a difference. You didn't sigh or show disdain for our late seating and you really lifted me up. Jaxon with an 'x'... thank you for being you. Thank you for showing love and kindness in such a beautiful way on the heaviest night of my life.

A night when I don't know what the future will hold. A night when I hope and pray ...that it... well, that it isn't my husbands last night. I don't think it will be... but I'm scared and I can't thank you enough for your service tonight.  

Love, Kris with a 'k'

P.S. Happy Canada Day 

NOTE: I sent this letter to the hotel to let them know how awesome Jaxon is. 

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