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Sunflower. Squash. Friends for Life

Posted by on July 1, 2020 at 10:55 PM

I was going to stay with a friend who lives close to the hospital in Kelowna. We have a cold in the house, she text me. I don't think you'll want to risk it. It's just a runny nose, but she, too, has had a cancer journey and understands the importance of health. Understands the risks of weak immune systems.

She's so loving and respectful and then she adds, "We have treated you to a hotel downtown. It's already booked. I'm emailing you the confirmation."  

At first, my heart dips with disappointment. I was looking forward to staying with THIS friend! She has held me up countless times and been such a beacon of light... with cancer in particular. She's my squash and I'm her sunflower. It's a garden analogy- we grow together- one provides shade and shelter and one provides soil nutrients... I wrote a funny rap about how we were like these 2 vegetables once and it's just sort of stuck. Now, there's so many beautiful stories to this friendship squash/sunflower team... and I feel her love even in this change of plans. 

I don't want to be alone in Kelowna, waiting, wondering, wishing. At the same time, I am so touched by her generosity and thoughtfulness. She has taken the problem-solving out of the equation for me and I am emotional about it. 

Only moments later, I text my sister and lay it out... the plans, the cancellation, the hotel. Can you come with me? She doesn't hesitate: yes. 

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