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Drive, Drive, Drive

Posted by on July 2, 2020 at 12:45 AM

I am in a panic. I have to get this house ready... in case Ben is discharged to my care after surgery. Flip the sheets, wash the floors, scrub the toilet. Priorities for him. My exhaustion and neglect has added up in four days. Dishes, counters, dusting. It's all undone and I'm sweating and I power clean... late in the day. I know I have three hours of driving and tasks still to complete tonight as well.... 

Finally (around 6pm), I drive to Salmon Arm with a badly packed bag (for me!) and arrive to the hospital. It's my second time there today (I am so tired of the 22 minute drive, it's been multiple trips daily since he was admitted and I am ready for it to end.).

I pack up his laptop, clothing, shaving kit and wallet. We tuck his care card into his pocket and I've written a recipe card with my name, number and details as requested. He only needs minimal items for surgery day. Nothing of value. Nothing cumbersome. 

After we say goodnight, I drive 22 minutes home again. I refresh Mia's water, food, change one last load of laundry and lock up. I drive 45 minutes to Coldstream and pick up Lisa. Together, we drive another hour and arrive in Kelowna just before 8pm. We check in. I'm starving, exhausted and a bundle of nerves. 

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