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Home Care Saves the Day

Posted by on June 23, 2020 at 10:40 AM

Argh. 11pm. A shortage.

The pain meds going in Ben's IV line need saline to push them in and flow. We use 2 syringes of saline each push and we only have one left. We need two at 11pm and we will need two at 7am. BOTH times are terrible for running out of something!

Will we need the hospital? Ben is determined not to. We push his meds with only half a syringe- a quarter of what we need- saving the other half for the morning. The meds hit slowly. Many times we are tempted to use the rest....which is still not enough but Ben says wait...wait.. it might make it into my blood stream...wait...

We are running on empty this night... but Ben is so weary and I am beat. We both want this minimization to work... and so we wait... 

A while later, his pain subsides and we think we can make the night. We do. He makes the morning work too. At 7:45am we head to Salmon Arm for blood work and much-needed saline. Both pharmacies we call don't have any in stock. We call our community care center. They find our file instantly. Not only do they find us saline, they also will deliver it this afternoon for us. 

My jaw hits the floor. I am pleasantly suprised to see action. Immediate action. I didn't know what to expect but if this is a shade of what's to come, I am so glad we are in the home care program now. We head home with relief. I feel peace. I feel looked after. 

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