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Gr 7 Grad and the Best Good Bye

Posted by on June 22, 2020 at 10:40 PM

Lizzie has finished Grade 7. Her school did a day for the Grade 7s but very low key. No parents, no camping trip. Just.. different. Lisa and I arranged for a BBQ at our house for this day instead. I am thrilled. We get Dairy Queen ice cream cake, balloons and teal plates. I make burgers and put on a nice top. It has been a while since I wore anything that cannot be described as 'work clothes', 'pajamas' or 'leisure wear'.

I print signs for my niece - and tape to our deck. Lizzie = awesome. Congrats on 7 years! Highschool! When they arrive, I am so excited. I play Megan Trainer 'I'd Wanna Be Me, Too.' and dedicate a dance to my niece.

It's showboating (my specialty) and it's a delight for me and the family. I dance a few lines of the song, then we serve cake. Yes! Backwards! Why not? YOLO. (when you're cool, you're cool). 

We BBQ and load the Wrights up with more plants. They take pumpkins and watermelons and head home. It's perfect. The short visit, celebration and BBQ was just perfect.

And now the Wrights and Fullers are hugging. It's the best good-bye I've ever had.  

Note: If you are not cool, YOLO is an acrynym for You Only Live Once. (you're welcome)

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