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Cancer Wife Ninja 

I'm Kris Fuller a.k.a CancerWifeNinja. My handsome husband, Ben, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer on Feb 26, 2020. 

This is my journey, the yo-yo of hope and worry, the things we do to stay strong and hopeful, the little touch of crazy mixed with big love as we navigate this new rotten thing. I write about it because it calms me, focuses me and gives me a place to keep it all straight- the chaos in my mind can be wild, this blog is for me. But I share it because ...well, I'm a sharer. 

If you've ever sat with me on a bus, you know by the second stop that my favourite colour is blue, I like my hair long, I always *thought* I was a 'dog person' but now that we have a cat (Mia Valentina) the game has changed and yes, I do have gum -and no, you don't have bad breath. 

Read my BLOG to join our journey. 

Ben passed away on July 16, 2020. Too young, too sudden. My heart is broken and I miss him every day. AND Now... is the section that continues my journey as I grieve, go crazy, find laughter, and love in the midst of chaos as a young widow. 


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